Top Gainers & Losers in Commodity Market

Top gainers & losers in commodity market can be slightly more complicated in equities. Remember, when we talk about gainers and losers in commodities we are referring to specific contracts. For example within energy you could have an Oil Normal contract and an Oil Mini Contract. The gainers and losers have to be calculated separately for each of them. Then there are near month contracts and later month contracts. The coverage of top gainers & losers in commodity market is quite comprehensive on Krazzy Diamond Network OPC Pvt. Ltd. Securities. Here is what it covers…

Top gainers & losers in commodity market – The Krazzy Diamond Network OPC Pvt. Ltd. Securities way…

Krazzy Diamond Network OPC Pvt. Ltd. Securities has dedicated a complete page for the winners and losers among commodity contracts. The page also allows you to filter on a variety of parameters. Here are the analytics that you can do on the page…

You can do the gainers and losers based on the exchange of choice. There are 2 key commodity exchanges in India viz. MCX and NCDEX. While NCDEX has a leadership position in agri products, it is MCX which leads in non-agri products. You can select the appropriate exchange and then select the specific contracts you want to scan.

You can evaluate the gainers and losers within various categories. For example, you can look at gainers and losers within bullion or within metals or even within energy. There will be near month contracts and later month contracts. There will also be mini contracts and normal contracts. All these complexities can be evaluated using this page.

There is a lot of added intelligence on the page. You can read up the relevant news pertaining to commodities so that you can correlate the news with the price movements. You can also look at volume toppers and value toppers to identify where the alpha in the commodity markets is coming from.

You can also perform technical analysis on commodity prices. Like equities, commodity prices also follow chart patterns. Being less volatile compared to equities, commodity prices work better with technicals since the driving factor for most of the commodities is normally demand and supply.

How to make the best use of this page.

The commodity page can be useful in a variety of ways. Firstly, it can give you a quick idea of which group of commodities are outperforming and which group of commodities are underperforming. Secondly, you can use this as a single point guide to correlate the news flows and the commodity prices so as to project price performance accordingly. Lastly, this page also gives you hints on how to create cash-futures arbitrage between spot commodity prices and commodity futures prices. The options are actually limitless.